A Look Back. Personalized videos for Facebook users.

Generated a videos for 700 million people, each personalized for their profile.

The verge article

Year 2014, Facebook Internal.

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iSellBooks. Marketplace for students.

Facebook app for trading books among students of IIUM

Help page has some details about original intentions of this project.

Year 2011, Python, Google App Engine, Source code not available.

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valodator. Support for online judges in PC2.

Running practice contests on PC^2 requires you to have input/output data for each problem. Sometimes this data is not available. valodator allows you to use regular PC^2 with custom external validator which is going to submit submitted problem to online judge and read the verdict.

TopCoder forum post where I announced this project.

Year Nov/Dec 2010, Do-whatever-you-want license.

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Survey n' Vote/Votapedia. Audience Response System..

Survey n' Vote is a free Audience Response System that uses mobile phones instead of clickers.

It is a MediaWiki extension, originally developed by CSIRO with name of "VotApedia". Project was forked and continued development by the INTEG, IIUM.

Open Systems, 2010 IEEE publication, also available as a PDF.

Year 2010, MediaWiki extension, GPL.

See github page »

Schematic 3D. Visualize electric circuits in 3D.

Schematic3d depicts analog circuits in three dimensional space. Third dimension for circuit element is added based on the voltage. It generates animation for transient simulation. (Values of voltages are taken from PSPICE software). This was my self-driven project, presented at IRIIE 2007.

Year 2007, Windows only, GPL v2

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TODO: (haven't formated these nicely)

  • wikigraph 2011
  • cat-us-trophy notebook and competition 2010 https://github.com/emiraga/cat-us-trophy
  • axel 2010
  • emiraga.Processor 2010
  • Sheroz Khan, Emir Habul, AHM Zahirul Alam, Aisha Hassan Abdalla, “Further Analysis of a Sigma–Delta Resistance-to-Digital Converter for Differential Resistive Sensors” 2009
  • Capacitors comparator 2008
  • A virtual classroom 2008 KERIE 2008
  • Electronic door lock 2008
  • emirHumper 2006
  • PBiblioBih 2004-2005
  • Cisco testing 2003